Same rightsfor everyone? The gap in th European society!

Two news reached me today. An article from th EUobserver abour the winner of the Eurovision-Song-Contetst: Eurovision winner seen as a political mesage [] and the last episode from the critical German tv magazine Panorama -the gay healer [] about a gay journalist which meet people and doctors which want to heal him or blame hin as inhuman for his sexuality.

This seems like day and night. The gap in the society seems big.

One the one hand thousand of people vote for a artist dressed like a women with a fake beard, because they support his/her music and way of life. One the other hand people which stick in their very conservative view of the world.

Booth are sides a part of -what I call- the European society.

As we can see, we have all over Europe people with a tolerant and open mind AND we have the old fashion ignorance, supposed based on traditional values.

My thoughts to this is that tradition in the right things can be good, like the tradition that you have respect for other poeple, the tradition to be friendly and helpfull. But sticking on the wrong tradition can cause big damage, like the hate of different thinking people or that it is ok to beat kids if they done something against parents rules. Tradition is not the way to argument in a discussion, because you can say everything and nothing.

I think if we all think how much power and luck we earn in a good relationsship, how can we forbid to earn this power and luck to anyone because they love a different person? For me this seems inhuman.

I have to say I am not that in pop music, I saw the song-contest with friends, but for me the music was not worlds moving (but ok). But I enjoyed to see how all over the countries which are allowed to vote Conchita got voices. There is still much to do in equal rights, but Conchita can help as symbol for all the other which are repressed and discriminated. It is little but for my self the votes give me hope that we can make a better, more open and respectful future!

„We are unstoppable. I really dream of a world where we don’t have to talk about unnecessary things like sexuality, where you’re from or who you love. This is not what it’s all about.“ [Conchita]